What if You Could Get DOUBLE the Weight Loss and Fitness Results from a Kettlebell Workout in half the time it would take at a traditional Big Box Gym?

Camp Kettlebell at Brown Fitness can give you an all-in-one whole body workout in just 45 minutes!

Erik BrownFrom the desk of: Erik Brown, RKC
Owner of Camp Kettlebell/Brown Fitness

Dear Friend:

  • Are you struggling to lose weight but can't seem to find a program that will burn fat and make you feel energized and healthy?
  • Do you wish you could sculpt your muscles to be toned and firm so you can feel sexy and confident in your clothes?
  • Are you worried that being overweight will eventually affect your health but you're not sure what to do about it?
  • Are you tired of Big Box gyms taking your money for high membership fees and then leaving you dangling without any support?

Stop wasting your time or money on Big Box Gyms! Camp Kettlebell has a GUARANTEED weight loss and fitness program that will sculpt your body to a lean and fit you!

My name is Erik Brown and I’m the owner of Camp Kettlebell, located at Brown Fitness in Benbrook, Texas. Although I’ve been athletic most of my life and have had a strong passion for fitness training for many years, it wasn’t until I began working with kettlebells seven years ago that I became really excited what fitness training could do.

Through kettlebell training and my 3-in-1 workout method, I have been able to help my clients achieve weight loss and fitness results that are nothing short of phenomenal!

But let me back up a bit. I’ve had a strong interest in fitness my whole life, starting with playing sports at a very young age and continuing on into my college years. It was only natural that I would continue to train in something I loved. I eventually graduated with a degree in Movement Science from Texas Christian University.

3-in-1 Kettlebell training with DOUBLE the Results

I was excited to start working as a personal fitness trainer and landed a job in a Big Box gym soon after I left college. That’s where the excitement ended. I quickly became disillusioned with what the Big Box gyms had to offer. I wanted to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. They wanted to sell memberships.

You see, the trainers in those Big Box gyms gave plenty of attention to people who came to the gym…until they signed on the dotted line. Once their membership was paid, they’d move on to the next person. The people who really needed help trying to learn to use the equipment so they could lose weight were left on their own.

Let me tell you, that realization was a hard pill to swallow. I’d dedicated my life to helping people reach for the brass ring and achieve their fitness and weight loss goal. Not look at disappointed and frustrated faces.

Big Box gyms are good at selling memberships,
not helping you lose weight!

It took about 6 months for me to realize that the Big Box gym was not all it’s cracked up to be and left in search of a smaller boutique gym that actually cared about their clients. I loved working in the intimate environment because I was able to really get to know the clients and help them on a personal level. When a client reached a milestone, I felt like I had too!

I began training with kettlebells and found that the results I got for myself were nothing short of amazing ! Kettlebell training made it possible to get the results I wanted but in half the time it took with a traditional training program. I was excited to start training with kettlebells with my clients and saw them getting the same kinds of results! Being able to get a whole body workout in half the time was great news for my clients who worry about being able to fit training into their busy lives.

I now exclusively do kettlebell training at my studio, Brown Fitness, located in Benbrook, Texas. The name of my studio is Brown Fitness and Camp Kettlebell is my Main Program there.Over the past 8 years I have literally seen hundreds of women celebrate reaching their weight loss and fitness goal by using my kettlebell program!

Testimonial Picture
Teresa Yeargins
Fort Worth, Tx

Erik and I originally met when a friend invited me to join her at Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps!

I had taken a huge break from working out and needed to get back in shape for the summer and help boost my energy level to manage family and a full time job. Time almost prevented me from training with Erik, but with the 45 minute express workout that Camp Kettlebell provides, time is no longer an issue! I loved Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps from the beginning! The exercises are challenging and adjustable for all fitness levels. And, I felt like I got a great workout in a less than an hour. My energy levels are much higher and I’ve seen a huge change in my muscle mass and the toning in my arms. My legs are in the best shape they have ever been! I’m so glad my friend referred me to Camp Kettlebell!   There’s no looking back for me!

“My legs are in the best shape they have ever been!”
Testimonial Picture
Barbara Lowrance
Fort Worth, Tx

I first met Erik 12 years ago! I wanted to go to someone I felt safe with and get great results with. I was turning 50, going through menopause and had LOTS of stress!!! I saw results quickly which made me work hard to be consistent. And consistent I have been! For the past 12 years I have not looked back! At first, it was exhausting. I had to build up some stamina. Camp Kettlebell Boot Camp’s fun and challenging workouts never get boring! You really feel like you have gotten a great workout when you are finished! I have better stamina, strength, and I’m better prepared for stress. I have more energy than ever, which is important to me, especially with 3 grand children to run after…and the best part is they tire out BEFORE I do! In the beginning I had no muscle definition in my arms, thighs, butt or stomach. Since I started working out with Erik those areas have greatly improved and after adding the kettlebells I’ve noticed even more improvement!”

“Camp Kettlebell Boot Camp's fun and challenging workouts never get boring!”
Testimonial Picture
Renee Namchick
Keller, Tx

I heard about Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps through an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I have always been a person of normal weight, but at that time (last fall), I had gained about 30 lbs in the previous year. I had been taking a supplement for weight loss and lost about 10 pounds, with about 20 to go. After Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps I have lost 15 pounds and currently about five pounds from my goal weight! Class is fun and very motivating! Love the feeling of a group working together and the encouragement from others. I feel like Erik is doing what he loves by helping people and it really shows. Even in a class environment, I felt like the training was individualized for me and the other members of the class for us to each work at our own pace and get out of it what we needed to personally. Never felt in competition with anyone else. Felt like I had accomplished something I could be proud of at the end of every session, with approval from my classmates and the instructor. I did see immediate results in my strength and stamina almost from the very first class! Something that would be extremely difficult was a little bit easier every time.

“I did see immediate results in my strength and stamina almost from the very first class!”
Testimonial Picture
Mary Louise Albritton
Fort Worth, Tx

I met Erik at a nearby gym the year my daughter started Kindergarten. He was referred to me by another trainer. My daughter is now a senior; that is how long I have been training with Erik! My situation at the time was one where I was a full time mother with a kindergartner and a preschooler. I knew I had the time to start working out and I was determined to find the right trainer and place. Previously, I had lived in Dallas, Texas, and working out is very important to me and I wanted to find the right person here in Fort Worth. Erik’s training was amazing from the start. He was focused and obviously very knowledgeable and cared very much about my well being and progress. Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps is amazing because it gave me an opportunity to put more cardio into my workout in a very timely fashion thereby meeting my optimum goals. My results have been great because Erik changes my workout all of the time. Never does any session become boring or repetitive. After Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps and following a healthy eating plan, I’ve lost 25 pounds and feel great! Erik Brown is one of the finest trainers and people I have ever met. He far exceeds any expectations I have ever had. I would recommend him to anyone of any age and any level of physical fitness.

“After Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps...I’ve lost 25 pounds and feel great!”
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Dora Ramirez
Fort Worth,Tx

I first discovered this Fort Worth boot camp when my Co-worker and Good friend invited me to join this great class with Erik. I am a very active individual, working out is my hobby and I pursue it with passion and dedication. I am athletic and strong, but feel that I still need to work in some areas of my body! My goal is to have the best definition ever…..i want rock abs:) The class is kinda out of my way, but after joining, and seeing firsthand what all the rave was about, I am more than willing to drive those extra 10 miles! It only took one class for me to really like it. The group is just fantastic, everybody has a great attitude. We all have different goals, and are in a different fitness level, but once the class starts everybody works hard, there’s not other way. My strength and flexibility have improved greatly only after a few classes! I love to be around motivated people. Erik’s performance and training skills are the best I’ve been around in the Fort Worth area. Even though it is a group class, he pays attention of everybody’s performance. He makes adjustments if he needs to and challenges you as well. Is so much fun to work with Erik, he brings out the best in you!

“Erik’s performance and training skills are the best I’ve been around in the Fort Worth area”
Testimonial Picture
Former owner of a fitness training & equipment company

Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps offers the most powerful combination of cardio and lean muscle development I’ve ever seen and as the former owner of a fitness training and equipment company, I’ve seen them all. Erik approaches the workouts with just the right combination of intensity and good humor and each participant is encouraged to proceed at their own pace. The comaraderie of each class is exceptional; it’s hard to believe you can have so much fun while being pushed harder than you could imagine. I’d enthusiastically recommend Erik’s program to anyone desiring better health and top physical conditioning.

“Camp Kettlebell offers the most powerful combination of cardio and lean muscle development I've ever seen...”
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Carol Davidson
Fort Worth, Tx

I came across Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps after reading in-depth article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram on kettlebell training. This opportunity came at a very good time for me. I am 64 years old and have been feeling sluggish and have been putting on some extra inches for the first time in my life. I really needed something to kick start some training and to invigorate my body and conditioning. I felt kettlebell training might be this answer for me. I really liked my introductory session with Erik, his personal and understanding approach that recognizes that we all are starting from different conditions. My only misgiving was whether the training over the long term would be good and worth the money. Erik’s variation of training and plan for each unique session have been fabulous and I look forward to every session! I was afraid of a drill sergeant yelling at us, but this is NOT Erik! He always has a smile and a gentle, encouraging approach that motivates all of us to do our best. First, the results have been tremendous. I have really “firmed up”, lost 6 inches in the right places and have increased my endurance and energy dramatically. Erik has also referred me to a nutritionist that has developed a nutrition program for me to follow in close coordination with my exercise. As I move forward with this program, under Erik’s guidance I am confident that I will continue to improve my physical condition, health and appearance. I feel exhilarated and a great sense of accomplishment. Camp Kettlebell Boot Camp is terrific! I can tell from the results we achieve every session, that Erik is a real professional in kinesiology, and treats and cares about each of us individually. Even though it is a group program, Erik knows us all and deals personally with each of us so that we feel very much like his personal “trainees”. He even puts together individual exercise routines for us to use when we will be absent on trips, etc. In short, Erik Brown is the best of the best, and has my unquestioned recommendation!

“I have really 'firmed up', lost 6 inches in the right places and have increased my endurance and energy dramatically.”
Testimonial Picture
Jean Colbert
Cleburne, Tx

I was very surprised on how fast I saw results.. All my muscles are more toned with great definition. I have visible abdominal muscles now!  I would recommend the Camp Kettlebell Boot Camp program to anybody who is tired of the same old, boring gym routines and cardio classes!

“I Love the Workouts!”
Testimonial Picture
Catherine Ferguson
Fort Worth, Tx

For the first time, after working with different Fort Worth trainers for 8 years, Camp Kettlebell Boot Camp helped me gain muscle tone AND slim down at the same time, within 4 weeks! As soon as I started noticing those results, I became more and more motivated to eat right and never miss a workout!

“Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps Work!”
Testimonial Picture
Logan Imes
Fort Worth, Tx

I love what Camp Kettlebell Boot Camp has done for my body AND mind!  I feel better than I have for years and actually look forward to coming to each class.  The results came quickly and I have no intention of turning back!

“I love what Camp Kettlebell Boot Camp has done for my body AND mind!”
Deirdre Petty
Fort Worth, Tx

I saw the write-up in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and came after that.

I was overweight and having hormonal problems and really needed a high energy program.

I thought is was expensive since we have two sons in college, but quickly realized I was investing in my future well being!

My first impression was that this is a tough workout and that it would take time to acclimate, which is what I wanted.  I liked Erik’s laid-back style and knowledge; we all feel like we have our own personal trainer!

I have lost 6 inches and my strength and stamina have improved tremendously.

I’m stronger, firmer and have a lot more endurance. My balance has improved too.  These are really important at any age, but especially at 53, because I’m strengthening my bones and preventing muscle loss.

“I have lost 6 inches and my strength and stamina have improved tremendously.”
Holly Herrell
Cleburne, Tx

I have been training with Erik for 11 years now!  When I started I was young, had never been to a ‘gym” before and wanted to gain some muscle and tone up.  At first I didn’t think I would be consistent, but with Erik’s professional, expert guidance I quickly became hooked!

I loved it!  It was so different from my perception of what conventional weight training was.  He works your body from head toe incorporating cardio, strength training, and flexibility!  I was concerned about getting bulky and looking manly.  My concerns quickly went away when I started developing a lean, sexy, athletic look.

In the first 90 days I lost 17 inches! I looked and felt better than I ever had before!  Even after I gained weight after having my two wonderful boys, Erik was able to get me back to myself in no time!

The proudest thing for me, is that I have kept this up and have continued to make time to do something for me!  Which is very difficult with two young boys!  I love the way I look and feel!

Thanks a million Erik!  I absolutely recommend Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps for anyone serious about getting quick and long lasting results!

“In the first 90 days I lost 17 inches!”
Shelley Cooper
Fort Worth, Tx

I met Erik after seeing a feature article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram about Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps.  My husband Gary called and set up an appointment.  The process was quick and easy.  I was surprised that I could barely finish the warm up with you!

I had recently lost 50 pounds with a weight loss program that only focused on diet and was ready for some physical exercise to help me tone and get in better shape.  We clicked on the Camp Kettlebell website, and after seeing the video of the “normal” women who were enrolled in the program as opposed to the typical hard bodies, my interest was peaked!  I have always been of the mentality that I needed to lose weight and get in shape before I could show my face in a gym!!!!

At first I was nervous and afraid that I could not keep up, almost to the point of not joining!  I was very happy to find that the class was easily self paced while still pushing you to be the best that you can be!

Since starting Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps in April, in only four months I have have lost an additional 50 pounds and 18.5 inches.  I’ve gained stamina and everyday activities are easier than before!

Before I started eating better and joining Camp Kettlebell, I could not walk form my car into work without losing my breath.  I was taking the elevator because I could not make it up the single flight of stairs without huffing and puffing and it was very embarrassing.  I did not want to attend any social events or go anywhere as I was afraid I could not keep up and it was a physical strain on my body to walk.  After losing 100 pounds I am feeling  much better!  For instance, the stairs at work are not a problem any longer and I am not winded, I can actually bounce, YES, I said bounce up the stairs!  I am more physically active and as I stated in a text to you from our recent trip where I was hiking and climbing through rock formations… I often turn to my husband or son and say, after performing a task that would have been very difficult or impossible before, “THANK YOU KETTLEBELLS!!!

Thank you Erik and Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps for always being positive and helping all who enter your doors to be the best that they can be …if they want it!!!

“...in only four months I have have lost an additional 50 pounds and 18.5 inches.”
Paige Petta
Fort Worth, Tx

I first met Erik and Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps through a personal referral from a co-worker at my office.  I was interested in getting back into shape and she recommended that I contact Erik.  I was trying to fit a workout routine into my daily activities but was having problems making it work. I do not like working out early in the mornings and was not working out regularly after work. I had gained weight and was needing a routine I could get committed to and see results from.

At first, I was unsure if I would like a group activity. I had always worked out in the past with Fort Worth personal trainers, so I was use to the one on one personal attention.  After starting, I was very impressed by the intensity of the work out. The group setting was fun, not uncomfortable, and I began seeing results quickly. Erik makes sure that we are all doing the activities correctly and you do receive personal attention! I also liked the accountability in the program. I was motivated to eat well and workout hard because I did not want to be the only participant that had not lost inches!

In 4 months I’ve lost 25 pounds and 12 inches from my waist, thighs, arms, and hips!  I am happier and more confident and getting more attention from my husband, which is always a great thing!

I would definitely recommend Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps to anyone wanting great results!

“I lost 25 Pounds!”
Judy Jones
Interior Designer, Fort Worth

I first heard of you from reading an article about you and kettlebell training in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

I have always exercised with my husband, running and working out at home with a bowflex machine and weights. My husband had Gullian-Barre, an autoimmune disease that causes paralysis, while he was recovering I felt guilty working out without him while he was struggling to recover. As he recovered I missed the exercise and thought the class would be a good option. My husband has recovered and we are also back to running together.

The only obstacle is that it is expensive, but I think it is money well spent.

I liked it right away. Although I have worked out for years it is much more motivating to be part of a group. It causes me to push myself more than I would alone. I also think Erik is very knowledgeable and have a very positive and encouraging approach. The classes are well thought out and fun to be a part of!

I feel stronger, although I have not lost much weight, which was not my goal, my body is firmer and better shaped than ever before!

My running is much easier for me. I feel great and look forward to the classes. I think it is essential for women, especially as we age, to exercise and have good eating habits. It will prolong a healthy productive life!

I believe you should be targeting woman who are 50+ I think too many women that age do not realize how beneficial this kind of exercise can be, not only for looking better but for their emotional well being.

“We love being part of the class!”
Jacob Pilcher
Fort Worth

I first came to Erik and Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps after my mother introduced me to kettlebells.

I was the heaviest I had ever been at 270 pounds and 25% body fat!  The extra weight was causing a strain on my lower back that I couldn’t get rid of.  It was time, I needed a new workout routine to help me motivate my weight loss.  Money was always an obstacle, but with my diet and  keeping a regular workout routine I quickly realized I was saving money by not eating out and cutting out the frequent stops at Starbucks!

I’ve always been a free weight guy, not really worrying about my core, but after the first session of Camp Kettlebell, I felt muscles I never knew I had!  With the extra weight and not paying attention to my core causing the strain on my lower back I was visiting the chiropractor 3 times a week!  Now my lower back doesn’t give me any trouble at all!

I would definitely recommend Camp Kettlebell Boot Camps if your serious about getting some life changing results!  The workouts Erik creates can be modified for anyone, whether you’re just beginning or if you’ve been doing kettlebells for awhile!

“Lost 25 pounds of fat and Dropped his Body fat from 25% to 10% in 8 weeks!”

Kettlebell Program for all Sizes
and Fitness Levels

Before you start thinking that the people I work with probably didn’t have that far to go to reach their goal, think again! I work with people from all walks of life, sizes and shapes. No one person who walks through the doors of Brown Fitness is the same.

But no matter where you’re currently at on the fitness ladder, you do get the same benefits from my kettlebell workout! When you do a Camp Kettlebell workout, you’ll achieve results in half the time it would take to complete a normal exercise rotation.

Think about your reasons for wanting to lose weight...

  • Are you afraid of getting older and not being healthy because of your excess weight?
  • Do you find it frustrating to shop for clothes because nothing seems to fit you right or you just don't look good?
  • Do you want to attract that special someone in your life or meet someone new but your self-confidence is shot because you're overweight?
  • Do you want to look fabulous on the beach or in a sexy dress, but don't know how to get started toning your body?

These are all valid reasons for wanting to lose weight. But too often people put excuses before action. It’s easy to say you don’t have the time to commit to a fitness program. But let’s face it, you’d be stuck in the same rut you’ve been in for years, feeling unattractive, avoiding mirrors, dragging yourself through the day because you have no energy , and worrying about your health as you get older.

Who needs that? Life is short. Shouldn't you have the body you want now? Camp Kettlebell can give you a high-energy workout that can make that happen!

  • Flatten your tummy
  • Firm your buttocks
  • Trim your thighs
  • Firm your upper arms
  • Feel sexy
  • Look fabulous
  • Have more energy
  • Be healthier!

Wouldn’t it be great to finally say that you’ve reached your weight loss and fitness goal? I know it would. I’ve seen it happen many times over the years and I’d love to be able to celebrate that achievement with you when you finally reach that milestone!

This is the Camp Kettlebell difference!

  • A 45 minute 3-in-1 workout that will give you a fat melting cardio, body toning resistance, and tummy tightening core training
  • Fun and energizing Kettlebell training that gives you real results in half the time.
  • A "done for you" nutritional plan so you don't have to wonder what foods to eat and what will promote fat loss
  • Highly motivated fitness trainers who will help motivate you and jump start your metabolism so you have more energy, more self-confidence and you feel thinner and sexier than you've ever felt before.
  • Loads of support during your session and by email to keep you on track.
  • A FREE 1 Week Trial Membership to try our program RISK FREE.

Susan Schultz
Fort Worth, Tx

I never knew I could push myself this hard. The workouts are really fun yet challenging. I weigh 15 lbs lighter and couldn’t be happier.

“This Fort Worth Boot Camp Is Great!”
Pamela Grace
Burleson, Tx
“Pamela has lost 22 pounds and 12.5 inches!”

Everyone has an area of their body they feel needs smoothing and fixing. Camp Kettlebell has a high-energy all-in-one full body workout that combines the 3 key programs that are proven to burn fat: cardio, strength training and flexibility.

With a Camp Kettlebell workout you'll...

  • Enjoy fun classes that are always energizing and are never boring
  • Have a flexible schedule to be able to fit your workout into your busy day
  • Get rapid weight loss
  • Sculpt your muscles to have toned arms, thighs and buttocks
  • Flatten your belly and get "six pack" abs
  • Get into your skinny jeans again
  • Feel sexy
  • Get support, support, support in session and by email
  • Have loads of confidence and energy
  • Be healthier!

With a Camp Kettlebell workout, you won’t have to wish and dream of having the body you’ve always wanted and deserved. You can have it!

I’ve seen it time and again. People walk through the doors of Camp Kettlebell with high hopes of being able to transform their body from flabby and unhealthy to sleek and sexy. We turn those hopes into reality!

Look, I understand if you’re a little nervous about committing to a program after being burned at a Big Box gym. Quite frankly, I don’t blame you. That’s why I’m giving you a GUARANTEE you can take to the bank!

I want as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of Camp Kettlebells benefits. To get you started I’m offering you a 1 Week Free Trial Membership absolutely FREE just to try out my program.

But I can only do this for so long and space is filling up quickly. So you need to act quickly to secure your space.

I’m here to give you 110% of my experience and my energy because I want you to succeed.

Will you be the next person at Camp Kettlebell to celebrate reaching your weight loss and fitness goal? Contact Camp Kettlebell today to get started.


Erik Brown Signature

Erik Brown
Owner of Brown Fitness/Camp Kettlebell

P.S. Where else are you going to get guaranteed weight loss and fitness results from an exercise program and get a whole body workout in half the time it would take at a traditional Big Box gym? With my NO RISK Money Back Guarantee AND a 1 Week Free Trial Membership you really can’t lose.

Give me a week and I’ll show you what fit and healthy feels like!


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