About Us


Erik Brown, RKC, CSCS, is a registered Kettlebell instructor, and the spirited founder of the Get Sexy Kettlebell Challenge and Camp     Kettlebell. Erik holds a B.A. in Exercise Science from the prestigious Texas Christian University, and has more than a decade of experience in fitness training, with national certifications with national certifications, inclusive of a designation as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, awarded by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Erik was also recently featured in a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article, “Bell Ringers: Kettlebells are Gaining Ground with People Seeking Fitness Fast”, 2010-03-29, Page E03, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX).

Erik has been a fitness enthusiast all his life. Being a peak-performing athlete (he played football and baseball, and was a 3-year Letterman in college at TCU), and a leader on the field has helped him to be an amazing leader to, and motivator of, his clients. His passion for life, for helping people, and his ability to produce life-changing results have been a winning combination for all who have experienced his fitness training.

His mantra is, “I’m not here just to get you fit, I’m here to change your life!” Erik has been specifically mastering the art of Kettlebell training for the past 7 years and producing head-turning results for his clients for over 18 years. Additionally, although Erik hails from Texas, his mother is from Oslo, Norway, so he definitely also brings his Nordic exercise ethic to his brand of training!